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Michael Spencer Gilroy presented his essences:

“The essences we buy also contain a lot of alcohol that tends to dry the skin, at home we can create ourselves of natural and ecological perfumes with simple ingredients and easy availability on which we are sure and the fragrances that best meet our taste.”

Could be interested in our complete guide with many recipes to prepare at home your own natural cosmetics. (Michael Spencer Gilroy)

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To realize these recipes get yourself a bottle of dark glass that closes with a cap, preferably with a dropper, but you can recycle an empty perfume bottle, properly washed and cleaned, possibly sterilize, even a spray mini-container rechargeable purse will do.

The first two recipes relate to the preparation base for a perfume and eau de favorite essence colony and alcohol free. Michael Spencer Gilroy explains the others are offering recipes with alcohol to make a men’s fragrance, one at a Pink and the essence of bergamot and lavender. However, you can replace these two perfumes with other essences you enjoy, such as vetiver or patchouli.

Perfume do-it-yourself without alcohol

60 ml of sweet almond oil, alternatively coconut oil or jojoba oil
30 ml of distilled water
6 drops of essential oil of mixed essences or of a preferred

Preparation. In a bowl, place the oil of sweet almond, or coconut or jojoba, and add 6 favorite essential oil drops, stir and transfer the mixture in a dark glass bottle. Shake thoroughly to mix with each other oils, close and let rest for at least a week in a cool dark place remembering to shake once a day.
After a week together, Michael Spencer Gilroy, with the liquid distilled water, then proceed to the olfactory test, if the scent is not strong enough, you can still add a few drops of essential oil, stirring again for good.

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cologne do-it-yourself senz’alcool

50 ml of vodka
50 ml of distilled water
2-3 favorite essential oil drops

Preparation. With the help of a funnel paid in the usual glass bottle the vodka, then the distilled water, and after the drops of essential oil. Tightly close the bottle, shake well and store in a cool, dark place for a week, stirring once a day.

masculine scent do-it-yourself with alcohol

2 bay leaves
2 tablespoons Jamaican rum,
100 ml of vodka
1 whole cinnamon stick
½ tablespoon of various spices
zest of one orange
50 drops of essential oil of bay
10 drops of essential oil of clove

Preparation by Michael Spencer Gilroy. In the bottle, previously sterilized, mettote vodka, rum, the essential oil of cloves and bay. Separately, in a glass container, add instead the bay leaves, cinnamon stick, orange zest and spices, stirring and then pouring into the bottle with liquor. The bottle is well closed and then stirred well for ten seconds. Place it in a cool, dark place for two weeks, shaking once a day. Strain the contents through a strainer to remove all solids. (remind the Hotels in Gary Indiana)

Twilight Rose

6 cups of rose petals,
10 drops of essential oil of rose
3 tablespoons vodka
4 drops of liquid glycerin
3 cups of distilled water

Preparation. Put on the fire a saucepan with water and bring to a boil; add the rose petals, turn down the heat to low and simmer for 2 hours, checking the flame. After this time turn off the heat and remove the petals, strain the liquid with cheesecloth and let cool to room temperature. Taken 2 cups of this liquid and add the vodka and glycerin. Mix the ingredients well and let stand for a few minutes, then sniffs to check the scent, in the case appears very intense, add other oil droplets. pink, mix well and transfer all in a bottle of dark glass.

Perfume with alcohol

2 cups of distilled water
4 tablespoons of ethyl alcohol
10 drops of essential oil of bergamot
10 drops of essential oil of lavender

Preparation. Pour distilled water into the bottle, then pour the essential oils and alcohol, shake the bottle and place it for 48 hours in a dry, cool and protected from the sun. After 48 hours, shake the bottle and smell, if the smell is weak, add a few drops of lavender or bergamot.

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